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June 12, 2012
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"Great... Just freakin' great..."  You thought. You were at Alfred's ski home. He came here every year just for the snow. This time he invited you, the Allies and the Axis. And the power just went out.
You shivered and hugged your knees closer to your chest. You were wrapped in a big fluffy blanket while you wore blue pajama pants and a white sweater. Everyone was in the living room, talking.
"Yo! Dudes! Lets go outside and have some fun the snow!" Alfred laughed. Feliciano jumped up a second later.
"Ve~! Lets-a go~!" He practically squealed. You grinned and nodded. Everyone stood up and rushed to their rooms.
You grabbed you winter clothes, throwing them on quickly. You know how ski houses are usually small like a normal house? Yeah, well Alfred's is more like a mansion. Girls had one side of the house - since England said it wouldn't be gentlemen like if you had to hear men talking about guy stuff.
So you got an entire side of the house to yourself! You ran to the stairs and slid down the railing, laughing the entire way down. Everyone was already waiting.
You knew they were countries, but you didn't mind really.

*Your POV*
"___! You ready yet!?" Alfred asked as he and Feliciano looked up at you eagerly. They were so itching to go out in the snow.
"Alright!!! Buddy system guys!! Alright here's the buds: England and France,-" The two of them immediately glared at each other. "-Italy and Japan, Russia and China, and lastly ___ and Germany!" Alfred said very loud, looking over at me and winking.
My face burned a dark red.
"You bloody git! Why would you pair me and that damn frog together!? And who's you partner?!!" England snapped and America. America laughed and grinned.
"I'm the Hero! Heros don't need a safety buddy!" America said like it was "A-matter-of-fact" I rolled my eyes laughing and everyone went to their partners, Francis and Arthur already at each other's throats.
"Hallo, ___" Germany said as he walked over. His cheeks were a pink tint as he walked closer.

"Hey, Ludwig!" I greeted and gave the German a sweet smile. He seemed a bit flustered to be honest. Everyone was already pouring outside to the snow.
I rushed over and grabbed the best sled first and ran back to Germany.
"let's go sledding!" I said looking up at him. He seemed to hesitated but nodded. As I ran to the 'scariest' hill I looked back at Germany.
"Not regretting this already, huh?" I asked with a smirk on my face. His face heated up and he shook his head.
"Nein! Now hurry up" He grumbled. He sat in the front of the sled, me in the back. He sighed and pushed the sled, sending us flying down the hill. I had my arms wrapped around his waist as I screamed for glee. He was trying his best not to laugh. Then the sled hit a bump, and we went flying. Being lighter, I went further.
I landed hard in the snow and rolled down the hill, unable to stop. But I couldn't stop laughing.
"___!! Are you ok?!" I sat up as the roll came to a stop, my head spinning as I giggled. I saw a panicked Germany running down the hill, occasionally stumbled. I watched as he tripped and rolled down the hill. He jumped up at the end of his roll. I got up quickly and he swerved, still too dizzy.
"Are you ok-" He lurched forward and I caught him, his forehead resting against my shoulder. As he finally sturdied himself he wrapped his arms around me. His hug was gentle and caring.
Your cheeks burned as the German embraced you.
"___.... Are you ok?" He asked for the third time. You nodded quickly and he pulled back, his face as red as yours.
You both heard snickering and before you could look there was a flash. You looked to see France and England looking at you both, a camera in France's hands.
"Francis!!" You gasped and Germany glared at the Frenchman. The two ran off before you could give chase.
"S-So cold..." You mumbled, the snow that got in your clothes was melting.
"Hold on to me then" Ludwig said and before you could even say 'Huh?' he lifted you off the ground, carrying you bridal style. He walked back with you in his arms, your face burning again.
"___?" He asked and you looked up at him. He set you down and you stood before him.
"What is it Ludwig?" You asked and smiled at him sweetly. He was pitch red and shifting.
"I-Ich liebe dich!" He said suddenly. You stood shocked, sure you had a HUGE crush on the German, but never expected this.
You grinned suddenly.
"Ich liebe dich auch!" You yelled and jumped up, wrapped your arms around his neck.
His arms wrapped around your waist immediately and he leaned down, kissing you passionately.


"France, your gonna die" You said quickly after pulling back from the kiss.
Maybe the power outages wasn't too bad after all! 
Well here's my first Reader x Country! Hope you like it! :iconyayzplz:
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