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July 1, 2012
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(I'm including Romano in this since he IS a part of the Axis)

You were 31 year old mother, with 9 children. The oldest Wang Yao was 12, Kiku was 11, Arthur is 10, Francis is 9, Ludwig is 8, Ivan is 7, Feliciano and Lovino who were twins are 6, Alfred who is the youngest is 5. Not all of them were yours but you loved them all the same. Wang and Kiku were brothers, both adopted. Ludwig and Ivan were both adopted too. The rest, were yours. But for some odd reason, they all had accents. And spoke other languages. 

"Boys!!!" You yelled and the thundering of footsteps ran to you. Your boys circled around you.

"Ok! Who drew on the walls this time?!" You asked. Lately you've been sick from working so hard to care for them.

"I-I'm-a sorry momma!" Feliciano said, bursting into tears. You sighed and got to your knees and hugged him. He stopped crying as you comforted him.

"Just don't do it again! No pasta for the week as punishment!" You said and he begged for something else as punishment. Then you felt tired suddenly and swerved. All of your kids were in front of you, looking confused. Then you fell sideways, passing out.

"Mutti!!" Ludwig yelled. They all surrounded you and Wang ran to the kitchen to get all the supplies he needed. Alfred however, stronger then everyone, but is the youngest, picked you up and brought you to your bed.

Lovino was cussing at Feliciano, saying it was his fault. Wang and Kiku collected supplies, Ludwig and Alfred stayed at your side. Arthur and Francis fought over what to do, while Ivan played by himself with his sunflower plushy.

Soon, all boys were in your room , sitting on your bed, watching Wang take care of you.

"Vhy can't I help?!" Ludwig asked, slightly irritated with Wang.

"Because, you are too young, aru!" Wang retorted and Ludwig sighed.

"I'll make dinner" Arthur offered and everyone shouted, "NO!!! You'll kill us!" Which sent Arthur crying to his room. So Feliciano and Lovino went to go make some pizza. Francis went and made grape juice. Alfred, Ivan, and Ludwig watched you as Wang and Kiku took care of you.

"Mommy?" Alfred asked, poking your cheek gently. You opened your eyes to see some of your boys around you, concern on their tiny faces.

"Boys?" You called gently, noticing some of them were gone. You sat up quickly.
"Where are the twins, Arthur and Francis?!" You yelled and fatigue hit you hard and you fell back.
"I-it's ok mutti, they are cooking, and I think Arthur is crying..." Ludwig said and you sighed, getting up, only to get pulled back down by 5 pairs of hands.

"No mommy! You need to rest!" Alfred cried.
"That's right, aru! You've overworked yourself!" Wang said and you sighed. "You need to rest, so you'll get better. We'll take care of you, aru" You smiled and hugged them gently and laid back down. You sighed and laid back, letting Wang and Kiku take care of you.

"Dinner!! Veee~" You heard Italy yell. Lovino ran in, a plate with amazing smelling pizza on it, was in his hands.Kiku ran over to your closet and pulled out a mini table that he set up onto your bed. Lovino set the plate down and you saw all the boys drooling slightly. Wang helped you sit up and you ate.

"Go on to the table boys, go and eat" You ordered and before they protested you said, "Or no dessert" That shut them up. They all scrambled to the table to eat. You giggled and relaxed, finishing off the piece of pizza. Francis walked in, holding something. He put the wine glass on your table. You looked at him shocked.

"I-I made you wine, I made the others some juice..." He mumbled, and smiled at your proudly. You smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Thank you Francis, now go on and eat" You said. He nodded and ran off to the others. How in the world that 9 year old made wine was questionable. You drank it and smiled. Before you could even move, Ivan came in. He took the glass and plate and ran off. Arthur came in and put the table away and crawled into your bed. You smiled and cuddled the cute little boy.

"Mother, they said I was a horrible cook..." He whimpered. You sighed and made him face you.
"Arthur, it's ok. I'll help you cook, how does that sound?" You said and he smiled widely and nodded, hugging you.

Then all the boys came back into the room.

"Ze dishes are done" Ludwig announced.

"I cleaned off the table!" Alfred said proudly.

"We cooked!" Lovino and Feliciano cheered.

"We set the table again!" Ivan and Francis said.

"And we took care of you, aru" Wang said, holding his younger brother Kiku close. Then they turned to Arthur. He looked like he was going to cry.

"And Arthur kept me company" You said gently and he nodded, not letting the tears spill. You smiled at your boys.

"Come here guys" You said, holding your arms out widely. Each and everyone of them climbed onto the bed and hugged you, but Ludwig and Lovino were hesitant.

"You guys can sleep here for just tonight. Clear?" They all nodded.

"Vee~!! Yay!!" You laughed as the boys all laid down by you and were all asleep seconds later.

"Looks like I'm Not the only one that's exhausted..." You laughed and pulled the blankets over you all, and slowly drifted to sleep.
Requested by: :iconmatsuri212:

Hope you liked this! I know it's not in the order of requests, but I am having my sister pick random stories to work on.

Sorry, I had nooooo idea what to do!! :icondepressedplz:
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When Arthur went to his room crying I was like "Awwwwwwwww" then I glared at Alfred 
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What about Prussia?...he represents East Germany and was part of the Axis....
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Not necessarily, Prussia was actually dissolved during ww2, so he couldn't be part of the axis because during that time the country ceased to exist
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"The rest, were yours. But for some odd reason, they all had accents. And spoke other languages."

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I keep screaming like a crazy people. Good job it really impress me ! And now i am in the asylum :D
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