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December 12, 2012
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Now I'm home, but I cannot stay
I dream of you every day
Got to know every inch of you
Will you make my dream come true?

Italy looked around his home, his brother, Romano, was at Spain's, so he had the house to himself. He felt that he couldn't stay, his beloved was not here, so why should he stay? His usual cheery smile was gone at the thought of her not being here next to him. Her lovely (h/c) hair, which went perfectly with her (s/c) skin and bright (e/c) eyes. His mind always led of to his dream world where she waited for him. His only dream was to be with her, in the real world

There's no place like home they say
You're my home, so hear me pray.

Everyone always says, "There's no place like home!" But, she was his home.
He walked to his room and looked out the window and to the clouds.
"Your my home" He whispered as he prayed to see her again. Just enough to get her name and number. Just so he can hear her laugh again.

I don't know you, but I need more time
Promise me you'll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies,
Tell me please why can't I?

He would find a way to see her again. He may only know her face and her laugh, but he was in love.
"I may not know you, but give me more time..." He mumbled to himself. He prayed that she would be his, and his alone. He watched as birds flew from his home. They get to see so much, so why can't I?
"I just want to see her again!" Italy smiled at the thought of her.


Times have changed, but so have I
I view my life through your eyes
On the go in my tourist's shoes
But I'll stay truthful to you

Italy was now with his friends Germany and Japan. He was training his hardest, hoping soon he would get to see his bella ragazza.
He could just see himself with her, holding her in his arms, leaving kisses all over. Showering her with love. He laughed to himself at seeing her flustered.
As training ended Italy walked around Germany, looking at everything in interest. He felt like a tourist here, but he was ok with that. The more he looked, the more likely he would find her! Some many beautiful girls around, but that one girl stayed on his mind, his bella ragazza~!

Cause there's no place like home they say
You're my home, so I guess I'll stay.

He looked around until he heard that familiar laugh. The laugh that seemed to follow him and make his heart soar with glee. He turned around to see his bella. She was laughing and sitting on a park bench, laughing at something on her computer.
He felt so happy. There was no other place he'd rather be, so he walked over.

I don't know you, but I need more time
Promise me you'll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies
Tell me please why can't I?

"Ciao bella~!" He cheered and she looked up, her (e/c) eyes made him want to melt. She smiled, recognizing him. He only remembered her face, and he needed time. Now was his time.
"Oh! I remember you! Your that Italian that helped me find my hotel!" You said and smiled, closing the laptop. His heart thundered in his chest as she got closer. The birds chirped at them as they flew overhead, watching as the scene unfolded.
Italy felt like he was flying with the birds at hearing her voice.
She remembered him!

I don't know you, but I need more time
Promise me you'll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies
Tell me please why can't I?

"Si! I'm'a so happy you remembered me~!" He smiled at her and she giggled, making him smile wider.
"I wanted to see you again, so how could I forget?" His heart nearly stopped at hearing those words.
'She wanted to see me again?' He thought as he felt the butterflies in his stomach. He felt like he was on cloud 9.
"I also wanted to thank you, you never gave me the chance!" You walked over and planted a sweet kiss on his cheek, making him blush a dark tomato like color. He felt like he was flying, but why couldn't he?

"Ti amo bella!" He blabbed and instantly regretted it, seeing the shocked look on her face. She then smiled.
"You should probably take me to dinner before you say something like that, but, I like you too" He smiled. It was a start wasn't it?
ok I was obsessed with this song for a REAL long time, so I decided to make this for Italy!

I don't own Hetalia! Or Italia. Or you.

But I own this story! Fic. thingy...

lol but thanks for reading this! :iconbyeplz:
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